Kasooti Degree Sharry Maan

Sharry Maan released his/her new Punjabi song Kasooti Degree

Kasooti Degree by Sharry Maan


The lyrics of song Kasooti Degree written by Sharry Maan and Beats by Mista Baaz

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Published on: 17-Aug-2018

Kasooti Degree Song Lyrics

eh kasooti degree, par yaar jigri kai college vich aunde yaaro time pass nu kayia di hoju degree oh bethe es aas nu kai yaar set ne hunde, kayia de jeck ne hunde kaiya kol parchi fadi gayi, te gal vigdi ho puri nayio hundi eh kasooti degree par degree ne sanu dite yaar jigri

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Kasooti Degree Sharry Maan
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